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    You Know You Blog wayyyyy too much when

    You Know You Blog wayyyyy too much when...
    (citat fra http://weblogtoolscollection.com/archives/2004/08/11/you-know-you-blog-wayyyy-too-much-when/)

    … you post the wrong article on the wrong blog
    … your family prefers to interact with you through your blogs.
    … you met your girlfriend/boyfriend through a blog.
    … your “blog community” is much, much larger than the number of people you know in real life.
    … you consider yourself an “alternative journalist".
    … you start your day by checking your blog stats.
    … a day without blogging seems like a month without food.
    … your feedreader is open all day.
    … you get more “approve this comment” email messages than spam.
    … you know what RSS stands for and you know how weak the medium is.
    … people worry about you when you do not post anything for a day.
    … work is the little time you spend in between writing on your blog and IRC.
    … my pagerank is bigger than yours!
    … invalid XHTML is a bad word to you.
    … you check your blogshares weekly, more than you check your savings account.
    … you’ve gotten your parents to blog.
    … your dog has her own page on Dogster and it gets updated!
    … Kubrick is no longer just the legendary filmmaker
    … you have to switch hosts to keep up with your bandwidth needs.
    … you make more money from blogging than you do at your day job

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