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    Google Desktop beta - its so web 1.0

    I have now used the new Google desktop BETA for a week, and its not the killer app i hoped it to be. I dont use the sidebar, its nice but dont have added any features than I have in other programs. I bundling it all in to one app is not the way for me. News and webclips I read in a online rss reader. I dont need todo list, scratch pad, weather and stock etc. The google talk integration is there - but is still an icon in my taskbar.

    Only the quickfind, quick look up when typing in a search for email, is a new feature I like and use.

    Cant wait for some real must have plugins.
    Where is all the 'social software' integration I need tagging, 'who read this', flicker photo, delicious bookmark, my news, my search (yahoo!!), my goggle tv! (video), google podcast --- google desktop is so web 1.0

    test it here

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